Miller and Bertaux, high-end perfumes created in Grasse, the perfume capital

A little bit of the history of Grasse

Small French town on the French Riviera located in the hills near the city of Cannes. Internationnaly recognized as the capital of perfume, Grasse has developed its industry in the heart of the city where the greatest perfumers have concoted exceptional scents famous throughout the world.

However, it should be noted the Grasse has not always know perfume as its specially. Indeed, it has been for a long time in the sector of leather tanning. Its history with perfume begins in the 16th century.


At that time, the tanner Gallimard has the idea to perfume a pair of leather gloves in order to remedy the strong smell that was emanated from them. He presented them as a gift to Catherine de Medicis, who, seduces, spread this fashion to the Royal Court.

As a result, the perfume will take the place of leather over the years, until giving its fame to the city. Rich in plants such as lavender, jasmine, orange blossoms, mimosa..., the flora of the region greatly facilited the production of essences and the know-how will then be transmitted over the years and even today.

The most famous perfumeries as well as the most talented niche perfumeries come to source in this city.

In 2018, Grasse entered UNESCO's intangible heritage for its expertise in perfume.

If you want to learn more about the world of perfumery, Grasse has a musuem that will teach you more about the history, culture and art of this exciting industry.

What about Miller and Bertaux?

Miller et Bertaux is above all mixed fragrances created around the world of travel. Perfumes to remember lived moments, to share them, to discover the particularities of our world. These premium niche fragrances are the promise of sensory journey.

Creator of perfume in Grasse, the "nose" that accompanies us, is a real expert with a unique and precious know-how that we will have the opportunity to present to you soon.


Eau de parfum NEW STUDY, Miller et Bertaux

Our eaux de parfum are made in France ande whose fragrance is elaborated in Grasse. Attached to our country and our roots, it is important for us to be surrounded by specialists to offer you unique perfumes which resemble us.

Eaux de parfum from Grasse because the city has an important cultural and productions make it an undeniable treasure of our heritage.

An unmissable city to visit if you are curious to discover the many riches that Grasse has to offer!

Eau de parfum TULSIVIVAH !, Miller et Bertaux