The Brand


History of the Brand

History of the Brand

Once upon a time, Miller and Bertaux.
Paris 1985.
Partners in life, artists, frequent travelers, Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux set down their suitcases in Paris, in the Marais. They open a shop to present their clothing creations and the objects they bring back from their travels.
A few poetic words written on the white walls, large strokes of paint thrown "à la Pollock".
The stage is set.

Miller and Bertaux was born.
Soon, they complete this universe with perfumes that they imagine as artist-craftsmen.
An armful of flowers placed on the soil of a market elsewhere, a rose in the ear of a man from the East, the smoke of a Mexican church ...
It is in their life and their travels that they find the most beautiful images, the most beautiful stories that they transform into perfumes for women and men, regardless of gender.

"Perfumes for body and soul, dedicated to those who choose the balance of being and appearing."

Our commitments

Our commitments

Miller and Bertaux promise a sensory journey through complex fragrances.

Poems that retrace the culture and scents of different countries of the world for a unique olfactory experience.


Although Miller and Bertaux love travel, our preference is for French production, and mainly in Provence.

Fragrances created especially for the brand by our perfumers in Grasse and formulated to minimize the presence of allergens.

Indeed, the ingredients used are rigorously selected, of organic or natural origin privileged, indicated in the listing of ingredients or highlighted on the product packaging.

There is also a list of ingredients not allowed, such as parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, PEG, ...

In addition, the products are not tested on animals.


On the other hand, in a sustainable development approach, the materials used for the conditioning and packaging of our products are recyclable.

At Miller and Bertaux, the cases used as packaging are made of recyclable cardboard and the bottles of our eau de parfum are made of glass.

Also, we recommend working with suppliers from the region to work through a short circuit in order to limit transport as much as possible.