Cedar Variation : Mix & Match Eaux de parfum

Le layering

Have you ever heard of layering? In perfumery it means combining different fragrances together.

This method is widely used in the Middle East where men, and especially women, mix various products or perfumes to give more character to certain scents. The initial technique consists of first spreading a scented cream and then spraying different fragrances on your body or clothes.

This is a complex technique that very few people master. Indeed, all perfumes are not "compatible" with each other, associating them without experience can lead to strong, heady and unpleasant smells.

However, this technique, when mastered, makes it possible to create a unique and personal trail.

Cedar Variation fragrances


At Miller et Bertaux to avoid layering mistakes, our perfumer has designed a range of 3 fragrances that can be worn alone or mixed. You can choose to wear 1 single perfume, combine 2 or even 3. 

Cedar Variation is a unique range that allows each fragrance to express itself distinctly thanks to its cedar base that offers flawless cohesion. Their unique formula combines the same base to make a perfect match!

Eau de parfum application: how to mix them?

It all depends on whether you want to put on 1 perfume, 2 perfumes or combine the 3.

It is generally advisable to spray your perfume on the pulse points of the body (neck, wrists, elbow, under the earlobe...) because these are the areas that give off the most heat. Some people also like to perfume their hair or clothes, although fabrics do not last as long as our skin. You can therefore also perfume your clothes or hair to the duration and intensity you want.

Mixing fragrances

There is no particular order to follow, everything will depend on your desires, your mood and your tastes. 

However, we can suggest you test different timelines and areas to try the perfect mix!

Tip 1: Spray your favorite Eau de parfum on different pulse zones and with a second perfume from the range, finish with a longer pschitt on your entire body.

Tip 2: If you like the green notes of #3, spray it on your neck and prefer to diffuse #1 on your wrists or vice versa.

Tip 3: With the Cedar Variation collection, you can also wear one fragrance in the morning, one in the afternoon and another in the evening! An original way to perfume and smell good all day long.

Tip 4: If you want to wear all 3 fragrances simultaneously, spray one on your skin, apply the second in the hair and spray the last on a scarf for example. 

Tip 5: Wear a different scent on each of your wrists. 


You will have understood, the association is specific to each one! Follow your tastes, your intuitions, experiment and you will probably have some nice surprises!

At Miller et Bertaux we create unisex fragrances, regardless of gender. The Cedar Variation collection lends itself perfectly to the game. 

You can also share your perfumes with your spouse, this collection will create a perfect harmony!