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Third part of the series of eaux de parfum with simple writing initiated by Menta y Menta and Pimiento +++, Malagasy is defined as the evocation of a journey to the heart of the island of Madagascar, in search of an indigenous plant. A treasure that bears the name of voatsiperifery, also known as wild pepper.

This balanced fragrance, with woody and floral notes, enhanced by a citrus freshness brought by lemon and orange essential oil, is at the height of this rare pepper and reveals all the authenticity and richness of this island where a unique fauna and flora flourish.

A unique sensory encounter, a genderless fragrance for men and women alike.
Miller et Bertaux eaux de parfum tell a story, a journey.

"Perfumes for the body and soul, dedicated to those who choose the balance of being and appearance.

(Bergamot, pink berries, cistus, wild pepper, nutmeg, cloves, obvious woods (cedar, gaiac wood), patchouli, moss)

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Pimiento +++ is the sixteenth fragrance by Miller and Bertaux. It is part of a new series of eaux de parfum with simple writing, successfully inaugurated in early 2019 with Menta y Menta.

Aromatic infusion ? Aromatic cocktail ? Aromatic cologne?
Again, all three names are appropriate.

Pimiento +++ is defined as a contrasting Mexican cocktail where the heat of a chili/saffron duo collides with the freshness of alcohol and ice cubes.

Pimiento +++ could be the title of one of those love-serenades that mariachi bands sing from table to table at the time when the Mexican night gets drunk and mixes with the sound of trumpets and guitars.

However, the fragrance can exist without being associated with a specific place.
More than a reminiscence of travel, Pimiento +++ is a matter of carnal relationship.
Pimiento +++ is a perfume with a sensuality without gender. Women and men will recognize themselves in it

A unique sensory encounter, Miller et Bertaux eaux de parfum tell a story, a journey.

(Duo pimiento +++ and saffron, clary sage / salvia sclarea, ginger, geranium and black berries, modern woods and crushed ice)


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Menta y Menta

Menta y menta, the fifteenth fragrance by Miller et Bertaux, inaugurates a new series of eaux de parfum with a simple style.

Aromatic infusion? Aromatic tea ? Aromatic cologne? All three names are appropriate.

The Eau de Parfum Menta y Menta is defined by a minimal and unique evocation: that of a bouquet of mint: Moroccan mint, peppermint, mint tea.

The name of the perfume Menta y Menta is repeated like a bewitching mantra, reminiscent of the movements of the dervishes turning to infinity.

A perfume definitely without gender so that Men and Women can recognize themselves and enjoy all the freshness it gives off thanks to its delicate notes based on spicata mint and Moroccan mint, tea leaves, citrus zests, roasted coffee and jasmine.

(Mentha spicata / Moroccan mint +++, tea leaves, citrus zest, roasted coffee, evoked jasmine)


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